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Did you realise you’re right in the middle of 3 of the most powerful happenings the World has seen all at the same time and in one Business. How BIG is this going to be?
But it’s even better than that.

You could be embarking on a course that will help you create your pension, your kid’s pensions and your grandchildren’s school fees and pensions. pg168
Do you want to start building a massive database of people who trust you, like you and will go virtually anywhere with you over the coming years?
The target market consists of people who have been in Networking and Internet Marketing before, or people who are in it today, or people who are gamblers and want to take something back from the gambling operators. Folks, that’s 164.4 million people.

This is a millionaire’s paradise and all we need to do is crack the code.
The absolute worst way to meet, attract, and sponsor other Networkers or Internet Marketers is to advertise your biz.
Because “Johnny Herbalife” doesn’t give hoot about your new ground floor biz opportunity!
Do you care about his?
Yet sponsoring other networkers is very simple to do.
In fact it’s down right easy to do.
It’s even easier to sponsor other networkers into your group than it is to sponsor opportunity leads.
You just need to know HOW to do it!

So here’s the Millionaire’s Code cracked.
You need to GIVE without WANT before you can HAVE.
That is worth reading again and again until it finally “clicks”.
In fact, I would write that out and tape it to your phone or computer screen so you come to ‘work’ everyday with the proper mindset.
Now if we want to translate that formula into practical terms for our industry, this is what it would mean:

First, understand why other networkers and marketers would join you and your business.
It’s not the product, it’s not the comp plan, and it’s not the management team.

It’s because you are offering a solution to their problem and that solution will only come in two forms:

You. Your knowledge, your leadership, and your expertise. They will join you because you can teach them and show them how to build a successful business.

You are offering a business building/marketing system which provides a solution to their current problems, and they feel they will be successful with it.

These are the ONLY two reasons a network marketer will ever join you, and these are the two things you must give, give, give.

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